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POLIS Working Papers - Working paper n. 44

La valorizzazione del museo provinciale della battaglia di Marengo: un parere di diritto pubblico

october 2004


The paper shows the way public law can support and influence local cultural policy making. The case of the Museum of battle of Marengo hold by the Province of Alessandria is significant for the development of the law of museums in Italy. The local administration has become responsible for the cultural heredity of Europe. The organisation of the museum and the relevant services has to be aware not only of economic and cultural aspects, but also of the difficult relationship between the political and technical powers and their public at the local level. The best form of organisation for the museum in question is considered to be a foundation, because it could offer guarantees of a minimum of cultural autonomy also to the administration of other cultural institutions at local and provincial level. The working paper conserves the original form of a "opinion", because this kind of academic research on the practical impact of public law can help to focus political questions and the need to bring the political theories back to the cases.

JEL Classification numbers

K19, K39, L30, R58, Z1


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