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[logo pearl] The 7th PEARL Conference
Public Economics At the Regional and Local level
May 6-7, 2010,
Alessandria and Torino, Italy

The Department of Public Policy and Public Choice - POLIS, in co-operation with the Institute of Economic and Social Research IRES-Piemonte is organizing the 7th PEARL conference. It will be held in Italy, on May 6 and 7, 2010. The first day's sessions will be in Torino and the second day's sessions will be in Alessandria.

PEARL is a network of researchers and research institutions that operate in the field of applied public economics and public finance. Papers will mostly focus on the regional and local levels of government, which of course includes studying the relationships with local, state, federal (or supra-national) institutions, and the role and scope of government at large.

The idea is to gather various kinds of expertise both from different countries (implying different objectives, economic and institutional constraints) and from different fields of economic analysis (public finance and public choice, local and regional economics, macroeconomics, law and economics, behavioural economics, experimental economics, econometrics).

Some subjects of interest that will be the object of the conference are listed below:
  1. status of regions in fiscal federalism (the latter usually focusing on the local-state-national relations)
  2. distributional impact of decentralization
  3. sectoral questions (taxation, regulation, employment, health, education, location of public facilities, infrastructures)
  4. endogenous formation of regions, migration, and institutional consequences
  5. constitutional political economy of multilevel governments
  6. constitutional provisions for fiscal autonomy
  7. innovation, growth, convergence and equalization
  8. inter-jurisdictional cost-sharing of public spending,
  9. enlargement and harmonization of economic and institutional conditions
  10. regional economic effects of regional and macroeconomic shocks