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28 MARCH 2012: Master's Degree (two years) in “Decision-making, Businesses and Institutions”(“Decisioni economiche, Impresa e Responsabilità Sociale”- DEIRS), University of Trento, Faculty of Economics, 110 marks out of 110 with honour.

Thesis title: “L'analisi economica del governo universitario: le evoluzioni in corso ed un modello normativo” - (“The economic analysis of university governance: ongoing evolution and a normative model”). Supervisor: Lorenzo Sacconi.

DECEMBER 2007: Bachelor's Degree (three years) in Business economics (Economia Aziendale), University of Bologna.

JULY 2003: School-Leaving Certificate (Liceo Linguistico), Liceo Rosmini di Rovereto (TRENTO)

Honors, fellowships

MARCH 2012 – DECEMBER 2012 Postgraduate research scholarship at the Istituto di Politiche Pubbliche e Scelte Collettive – POLIS (interdisciplinary research centre in public policies and public choice), University of Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”. Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Cassone. In collaboration with the Inter-University Research Centre Econometica. Supervisor: Prof. Lorenzo Sacconi. Research project: “CSR e accountability of universities”.

APRIL 2011 – MARCH 2012 Research assistant within a joint project of the interuniversity research center EconomEtica and the department POLIS, (University of Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”), on “University accountability and governance, in the perspective of social responsibility”.

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* Ersasmus project in 2005, 6 months in Salamanca, Spain.