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CEVASCO Roberta, Bruna Ilde MENOZZI, Chiara MOLINARI, Diego MORENO e Claudia VACCAREZZA (2010), "The Historical Ecology of Ligurian Chestnut Groves: Archival Documentation and Field Evidence", Acta Horticulturae (ISHS), 866, 43 - 50.
R. Cevasco, B.I. Menozzi, C. Molinari, D. Moreno, C. Vaccarezza, M.A. Guido, C. Montanari, I European Congress on Chestnut - Castanea 2009

Based on archival documentation and bio-stratigraphic evidence from a selection of case studies in North West Italy, this article investigates the historical ecology of chestnut cultivation in Liguria, the sites discussed are considered to be of national and international relevance, as illustrated through their inclusion in European rural heritage inventories. During their investigation in this article, field and laboratory research (particularly historical ecology surveys, archaeobotany and environmental archaeology) are interpreted in tandem with archival sources, the intention of which is to contextualise the chestnut cultivation, as part of a complex agro-sylvo-pastoral system, within a wider socio-ecological framework. As a result an increased understanding of the historical ecology of chestnut cultivation can be beneficial to the future planning and management of its role within various environments and landscapes.